Why Does ReViiV Work?

Co-developed with Long Covid patients, doctors and breathing experts, ReViiV can alleviate many LC symptoms, often in as soon as 24 hours. The following is a hypothesis of why ReViiV is so effective at treating LC symptoms.

ReViiV is based on groundbreaking
Long Covid research & trials

Long Covid researchers have found that COVID-19 can impact the auto-immune system and reduce breathing quality, leading to ongoing improper levels of CO2 and O2 in the body. Researchers have also found ongoing blockages in the small capillaries of the upper lungs of LC patients, further impairing breathing quality and compounding issues.

Long Covid patients tend to breathe shallow,
through their mouths, leading to many chronic issues

ReViiV uses a custom breathing therapy designed to address these underlying issues in three ways:

  1. First, by radically altering breathing patterns, ReViiV can rapidly improve CO2 & O2 levels in the body for immediate relief.
  2. Second, by using a 16-week, guided daily breathing program, ReViiV can gradually rebuild lost lung capacity.
  3. Third, by using nasal breathing to warm the air & funnel it to the lower, healthier lungs, ReViiV can improve airflow to arteries, veins & nerves and extract more oxygen from each breath.

Rapidly correcting C02/O2 levels while gradually
improving breathing quality is the foundation of ReViiV

The therapy behind ReViiV was first tested on LC patients at Mt. Sinai Center for Post Covid Care in 2021, where after a week, “everyone in the pilot program reported improvement in symptoms”. The ReViiV team had also similar success in internal pilot testing with LC patients in 2022 and the FDA has said they have “fast tracked” the therapy given its efficacy for treating LC.

“Everyone in the pilot program reported improvement in
symptoms” - Mt Sinai Center for Post Covid Care

In addition to relieving LC symptoms, by using focusing on nasal breathing, ReViiV has many additional health benefits, including:

  • Increasing oxygen uptake and circulation
  • Lowering your risk of allergies by filtering dust, allergens & pollen
  • Reducing bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease
  • Strengthening your diaphragm
  • Reducing coughing and snoring

The FDA has “Fast Tracked” the therapy for treating Long Covid

ReViiV is now available globally - Download Today & Feel better Tomorrow!