Experience Long COVID Relief with ReViiV!

Harness 8 powerful techniques with 5-minute guided daily exercises for fast relief & ongoing, steady recovery.

Immediate Symptom Relief!

Harness 8 scientfically backed techniqes for rapid relief, often starting within 24 hours. (See: How ReViiV works)

Extensive Symptom Support

Aids with fatigue, muscle/joint pain, taste/smell loss, brain fog, breathlessness, insomnia & more.

Fast Tracked by the FDA!

The FDA has acknowledged the therapy's effectiveness for treating Long Covid and will not require approval.

Backed by Science & Trials

Based on techniques tested on Long COVID patients at Mt. Sinai Center for Post-COVID Care.

Personalized & Progressive Exercises

Progress through 16 stages, tailored to your fitness level, for steady, ongoing improvement.

Created by a Long COVID Patient

Co-created by a Long-Hauler through leading post-viral research and trials.

Accessible & Safe

Safe, 100% natural therapy, requiring just minutes a day with clear guides and visual aids.

See The Results!

Track your improvement with weekly assessments and performance graphs.

Now Available Globally

Download ReViiV Free on any iOS & Android device worldwide.