ReViiV - FAQ

What is ReViiV?

ReViiV is a guided breathwork therapy designed to alleviate common Post-Covid or “Long Covid” symptoms by changing your breathing pattern while gradually rehabilitating breathing quality.

What Long Covid Symptoms may ReViiV relieve?

In pilot testing, ReViiV has shown it can alleviate many common symptoms, including fatigue, loss of taste/smell, shortness of breath, brain fog and more. Individual results may vary.

How quickly does ReViiV begin to work?

ReViiV may begin to alleviate many symptoms within days and often starting within 24 hours. Some symptoms such as Brain Fog may require longer use before possible improvements. Nearly all pilot test patients reported positive results within a week of beginning the ReViiV therapy. Individual results may vary.

How do you use ReViiV?

ReViiV includes 16 stages of daily guided breathing exercises, which should be done in the morning, afternoon, and evening. ReViiV includes weekly tests to track your progress and will automatically adjust intensity to match your breathing level. ReViiV also contains guides and additional tips to help modify your breathing patterns when not using the App.

What do I need to perform the ReViiV therapy?

All you need for the ReViiV breathwork therapy is the App and an Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Who are the developers behind ReViiV?

ReViiV was created by a Long Covid patient, along with his two brothers, and published by MartySoft LLC. Additional inputs for ReViiV were received from breathwork coaches as well as Long Covid test patients, doctors & experts, and many other talented contributors.

What is the science behind ReViiV?

Long Covid researchers have found that Covid-19 can impact the auto-immune system and reduce breathing quality, leading to an ongoing imbalance of CO2 in the body [Mt Sinai Hospital, 2021]. By introducing a breathwork therapy to correct this imbalance, “after a week, everyone in the pilot program reported improvement in symptoms” [“Understanding Long Covid”, Caroline Mimbs Nyce, The Atlantic, 3/2021]. Rapidly correcting this C02 imbalance while gradually improving breathing quality may help relieve many Long Covid symptoms [John Hopkins University, 2021] and is the foundation of ReViiV.

Additionally, Canadian researchers have recently found that Covid-19 can block small capillaries, often within the upper lungs. [, 6/2022]. ReViiV helps address this by teaching users to breathe slowly into the lower, potentially healthier portion of the lungs.

Where can I get ReViiV?

ReViiV is now available globally on all Android and iOS phones/tablets for persons 12+. To download, go to or search your App Store for ‘ReViiV’.

What is the price of ReViiV?

ReViiV is available for just $.99 for a limited time. No subscription is required.